• Kelly Gore

Tinx Just Stinks and Charlie Doesn't!

So excited about our upcoming Children's Storytime Event! On March 28th at 2:00pm in the courtyard of our little bookshop, we are hosting Mr. Jason Woods. (You may recognize his name for his amazing One-Man Christmas Carol performance at The Franklin Theatre this past December!)

The talented Mr. Woods is both an actor and an author. His adorable book, Tinx Just Stinks and Charlie Doesn't is his debut children's title about the very famous, Charlie dragon, "a celebrity not only because he scuba-dives, skydives, paints or plays the piano, but because when he does a certain something, it smells like freshly baked cookies. People are surprised and amazed by his marvelous scent, traveling miles to get a whiff, and it’s made him rich and popular. EVERYONE loves Charlie. Everyone, that is, except Tinx."

"Tinx is another dragon who doesn’t have the same results as Charlie. Instead of making people think of oven-baked cookies when Tinx has an ‘event’, it reminds them of rotten eggs and socks. Brooding alone at his dilapidated house, jealous of Charlie’s fame, he’s determined to have a contest with Charlie and will do almost anything to win it. The results are cataclysmic and bound to teach someone a lesson and, maybe, make a new friend. Tinx Just Stinks & Charlie Doesn’t is a story about loving yourself and others."*

We are looking forward to Mr. Wood's voice talents, bringing these dragons to life in their hilarious 'contest' for attention! Bring your children, your grand-children, your friends' children to enjoy this event. And, yes, of course we'll be serving chocolate chip cookies in, um, honor of Charlie's talents!!!

*excerpt from Mr. Jason Wood's website: Retrieved from, on February 21, 2020.