• Kelly Gore

Summer's Almost Over

Hey everybody! It's Olivia again. The back to school commercials are everywhere now and you all know what that means: the end of summer is approaching.

I will definitely miss the lazy afternoons by the pool and the taste of fresh watermelon, but I think what I will miss the most is time sitting out in the shade with a good book.

I recently took five days off of work and had the opportunity to spend several afternoons in a beautiful place with a book in my hand and an uninterrupted stretch of time to enjoy it.

As much as I'm looking forward to fall's fuzzy socks and coffee shop reading, I'm not ready to say goodbye to my summer book time just yet.

If you're like me, grab a picnic blanket and the closest gripping novel, and find your own shady spot to relax and enjoy. Maybe we can succeed in slowing down the clock for a little while and make summer last just a bit longer.