• Kelly Gore

August: Stay Sexy and Don't Get Murdered

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Why would Chelsea and Karen pick a book that isn’t true crime, but memoir? Where is the who-done-it? The books that dive into the mind of a killer whose middle name is most likely Wayne?

            If it wasn’t for the writers of this dual memoir, Chelsea and Karen would have never began talking about the capture of the Golden State Killer as they ran back and forth between Sanctuary South and Bound, updating each other on how the 40 year serial killings were solved. They wouldn’t have found out they shared an obsession, and they wouldn’t have started the Murder S/he Read Book Club.

            The authors of Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered host a twice weekly comedy true crime podcast (My Favorite Murder) that quickly blew up into one of the biggest podcasts in the world. This memoir debuted on the New York Times Bestseller list when it was released a few weeks ago.

            As explained at the beginning of every podcast, some people (who’ve never listened) think it’s disrespectful to combine humor and murder. However, like Chelsea and Karen, hosts and authors Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark have been fascinated with true crime since they were young and have also used humor to deal with the difficult parts of their lives.

            The book recounts parts of their lives and the lessons they’ve learned using funny, horrifying, and profound examples. It makes those of us who have always felt a little odd, or even ashamed of what interested us, know there are not just others like us out there, there are millions.

            This is a quick read, so join us Tuesday July 9th at 6PM at Bound Booksellers for snacks, drinks, and a diabolically good time.