• Kelly Gore

Ramping up Children's Storytime!!

We have featured a storytime on Saturday mornings throughout our years in business. We absolutely LOVE when children come to hear a new story. And, although it had been regularly scheduled for 10am on each Saturday, most families figured out, quickly, that we are more than happy to drop what we are working on and read a book to their young ones no matter the day or time. Still, we have yearned for an offering for this community that is so-filled with families for something a little more celebratory.

Toward the end of last year, we hosted Dolly Parton's Imagination Library Middle Tennessee in the courtyard to present a sweet story complete with guitar-playing dog and even a DINOSAUR! Even better, we served ice cream pops and conducted children's activities to round out the morning. We love to support anything with Dolly Parton's name on it because not only do she and I share a hometown, we also share a passion for reading and education!

The Middle Tennessee branch did not disappoint with their festive approach to reading and engaging with children (and adults of all ages.

We are excited about upcoming opportunities with Children's Storytime in the upcoming months. Please, stay tuned to hear about several scheduled festivities we have booked for children and families in the community!!