• Kelly Gore

Local Businesses, Like Ours, Need Your Support...

I have been reading so much, in recent weeks, about fellow small business owners and their struggles. There are resources emerging who offer suggestions for moving forward through these days when many doors are closed, rightly so, to prevent the further spread of this virus. Some (but, truly, very few) resources even offer the opportunity to apply for funds (with an array of rules for how those funds might be used). And, I, like many others are joining forums, applying for loans and/or grants, and looking for every chance to make our businesses viable once all of this is in our past. Right now, we are cautiously hopeful about what we might look like on the other side.

That said, it is imperative, in these times, that if you are able (and are purchasing in other markets), you make the choice to support your local businesses. I can all but promise you that the behemoth online marketplace will be here when all of this is over. (And, yes, I'm happy about that, too...) But, I cannot say the same for these small, "Mom-and-Pop" shops who have very limited resources. Small businesses like ours can help fuel local economies. Our doors being open is EVERYTHING for our typical business models. We thrive on interaction with our customers, personalizing selections (down to how we curate products on our shelves). We need you! But, while that isn't possible, we are re-working our models to provide services to keep our shops running.

But for a lot of us, times are tough right now. Many local businesses just like us are modifying their hours and the ways they serve their communities. Here's how you can help make a difference:

  • Shop online or call. Our new online book-buying platform is experiencing success and is, in addition to benefiting us directly with each title sold, is also pooling funds to support ABA grants for faltering shops: or message us through our Facebook page: and we may be able to deliver this right to your doorstep.

  • Order delivery or pickup from your local favorite. Your go-to meal spot may not be open for table service - but they might deliver curbside or right to your door. This is a welcome change from all the in-house cooking that's being done in our household! (By the way, your local Wine and Spirits shop is likely doing curbside pick-ups, too - shout out to WestSide Wine and Spirits in Westhaven's Town Center - (615) 790-0408 )

  • Before you check those big online shopping spots, call your favorite local boutique to treat your loved one (or yourself) to something special to lift your spirits! (Our favorite is Sanctuary South!)

We hope you'll join us in supporting local businesses through this challenging time. Together, we can keep our communities active and vibrant now, and for years to come.

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