• Kelly Gore

Dust Cover or No?

The Golden Hour, Dust Cover Removed, Photo by Kelly Gore

Just curious, today, as I remove yet another dust cover from my current reading selection. I much prefer holding the novel without that extra slippery fold of paper over the outside of the book. Maybe it's that I am just particularly clumsy, but I can't seem to keep that thing in one place. Additionally, if I admit it, I love the look of the original binding, most with embossed or even gilded title and information on the front. Why would anyone want to cover that up?

Of course, I know the reason for the dust's right there in the nomenclature...DUST. But, in keeping up with the household chores (and bookshop chores), I have noticed that dust goes where it goes, regardless of the extra layer. Besides, even with the cover, dust must be wiped away from the extra surface, anyway...

So, I am interested. Which do you prefer? Dust cover or no? Let's hear from you!