• Kelly Gore

Coffee Table Books

Who doesn't love a coffee table book? Frequently, when customers come searching for that perfect book for a friend or loved one, we find ourselves drifting to the home and garden sections of our little book shop. Coffee table books can be the perfect gift (Mother's Day and Graduation are coming up, soon!) for giving.

Just a few of our favorites:

We love a "coffee table book" as a gift idea for so many reasons. Clearly, we have an affinity for booksellers, if we didn't, you'd likely question our motives; however, coffee table books fulfill multiple categories when gift giving: They contain beautiful imagery that checks the box of *inspiration* for your recipient. They often have tips and trends that accompany the inspiring pictures that is *informative* for upcoming projects. They are purposefully gorgeous so that they become objects of *art and decoration* themselves! Often, just a change of coffee table books can change the feel of the room or add pops of color for different seasons.

It also seems to be true that customers hesitate to buy these beautiful books for themselves! They will often flip through the pages and confess how much they love the books, but would rather wait to receive one than to purchase! Combined with a fragrant candle or a cozy blanket, nothing feels quite so pampering as some indulgent time flipping through the pretty pages of these designerly dictionaries!