• Kelly Gore

August Book Club Happenings

Chilling at Eastern Lake, Seagrove, FL

Whether you were able to relax OR get tons accomplished during our June/July book club break; we are ready to get back into action!

We are picking up where we left off with our Murder, She Read club pick: Stay Sexy, And Don't Get Murdered by the ladies of the podcast My Favorite Murder! If you'd like to read more about it, see the same titled blog post on our feed. The group meets on Tuesday, August 13th, here at 6pm!

Then, the last Thursday of the month, August 29th at 6pm, we will meet to discuss I'll Miss You When I Blink by Mary Laura Philpott in our drop-in book club, Connexus Liber. You can read more about this collection of essays in our blog feed, as well, but we save the meaty discussions for book club.

As always, we'll provide a little refreshment, but feel free to bring your own or some to share! As always, we look forward to discussing, laughing, and connecting over these books and more! Don't forget, too, our featured titles for the month are offered at 20% "Book Club" discount.