Who We Are

We are the Gore Family who have been a part of the Westhaven community since 2010. The heads of the Gore household, Kelly and Chad, met at the University of Tennessee's  College of Architecture and Design and both have an extensive background in design in the Nashville and Franklin area. Kelly moved into the realm of design education with O'More College of Design and served as co-chair of the School of Interior Design after receiving her Masters degree from SCAD. 

Kelly and Chad are the proud parents of three precocious kiddos who are avid readers with lots of recommendations for all the young readers who shop with us! We are all eager to welcome you into our shop, read with you, sip coffee and share our favorite stories, or help you find your next favorite book or gift to give.

Our Story

Our story begins many moons ago, among the trees of east Tennessee where Kelly grew up with her brother, Sean, listening to the stories the mountains (and the mountain folk) had to offer. Her mother was a bibliophile from her early years, as well; training her up to love the adventure, the peril, the love, and the laughter stories had to offer. Moreover, teaching her to love the feel of the page, the smell of the print on it, and the promise of liberation after a really good read. 

Kelly treats her books as treasures and as journals, leaving notes in the margins to remind her of her thoughts from previous reads. She has passed down the reading tradition with her children, reading to each one, often getting pulled in by the story to continue long past the time the kiddos' eyes drooped shut with sleep.

Our story continues with you, dear readers. Join us in our love of books. Join us in our shop. Join us on our journey!

Our Mission

Provide the community a small, locally-owned "artisan" selection of books and gifts in an atmosphere that is warm and inviting.

Our Vision

To bind us together as a community - over books, over chats, over time